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Vintage Prestige Skyline Kitchen Utensils For Sale at yay retro! now

Many people who love 1950s, 60s and 70s style insist on using Prestige, Skyline utensils in their kitchens. These iconic utensils are central to our collective memories in the UK, as practically every family had them and heaps of people are still using them.  They are available in all different colour ways from yellow & green striped to red and cream, orange and sky blue. It's actually a lovely idea to mix and match the colours and I know many yay retro! customers do so.  There are also utensils which have Scandi styled patterns on them.

The kinds of utensils available include vegetable or potato mashers, straining, measuring and lifting spoons, fish slices and palette knives, meat forks and tomato slicers. More unusually I get in Skyline sieves and utensil racks, batter whips, pastry crimpers and pastry blenders.

Some of the utensils I get in are made by Nutbrown & Rosti Mepal. These can easily be used alongside the Skyline utensils as they are of a similar size and quality. Occasionally I find Skyline utensils racks which are chrome. Taunton Vale floral melamine racks are also ideal for hanging up utensils so it's always worth taking a look at the shop to see if I have any.  Why not check out all the vintage kitchen utensils I have for sale now, I can combine postage for you via  manual refund after purchase, OR get in touch before ordering and I will set up a special order with the correct postage for you to pay.
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