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Quick Pasta in Peanut Sauce Recipe!

Last night I wanted to use up lots of mushrooms and some spring onions I had left in the fridge. I came up with a yummy Peanut sauce to go over the vegetables and pasta. Here's the recipe:

Quick Pasta in Peanut Sauce Recipe for 2 People

For the sauce
1 heaped tablespoon peanut butter
good slosh of Dark Soy sauce - around 2 dessertspoons
about 1/8 pint boiling water
Freshly Ground Black Pepper
Freshly Ground Sea Salt
Mix together

75 gram of pasta spirals per person

fresh ginger
chilli infused oil
Button mushrooms (I used 2 small packs)
Bunch spring onions cut into chunks
1 sweet red pepper sliced
few sticks of celery sliced
(or other vegetables you like)

Ground cashew or peanuts to sprinkle on the top if liked

Set the pasta to boil.  Then gently fry all of the vegetables in a pan. In a jug mix the ingredients for the sauce. When the vegetables are golden pour over the sauce and fry off until it has reduced and coats all the veg nicely. When the pasta is cooked, drain off and stir into the pan with the vegetables and sauce. Serve in a serving dish or the pan itself, so people can take as much as they'd like and sprinkle with the nuts if using. Why not pop into yay retro! now to find yourself some vintage cookware from the 1960s/ 70s?

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