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6 Must-Have Taunton Vale Kitchen ware Items from the 1960/70s

If you love Flower Power kitchenalia, then Taunton Vale must be one of your must-have, favourite brands. Made in the 1960s and 70s in Wiveliscombe in Somerset, these stunning pottery and melamine wares are perfect for today's vintage styled kitchen. We've come up with the top 6 Taunton Vale items all of which are for sale in the yay retro! vintage shop here now.

Taunton Vale Trays

These came in round, oval(ish) and a long slim rectangle format. Smothered in orange, red, yellow, dark or light blue flower patterns. Collected by 100s of vintage lovers, they are often displayed as artworks on the wall! Pop on display by propping on a shelf, using tacks or by attaching special large adhesive plate hangers to the back. Or use as an every day tray if you like!

Taunton Vale Spice Racks

One of my most favourite things, these are easily attached to the wall using the holes provided, yet just as easily stand on a shelf or worktop for easy access to all your cooking condiments!  

Taunton Vale Chopping Boards

It's really exciting when you find a superb condition vintage melamine chopping board! I think this happens when one is unearthed that was perhaps an unwanted wedding present, which has been tucked away for years. Again they make superb artworks hung on the wall with a bit of ribbon.  Also useful for serving cheese etc. The extra large work saver sized chopping boards are superb for propping up behind your cooker hob to cover unsightly tiles (remove prior to using the hob though!)

Taunton Vale Preserve Pots

Jam, marmalade, honey and sugar can all be popped into one of these adorable lidded pots.  Alternatively use as an ornament anywhere in your home. Given the choice I'd have Taunton Vale in every room in the house!

Taunton Vale Cookware

The company made many useful items for home baking such as flan dishes and rolling pins, as well as storage jars and sugar/flour shakers. Cooking need need be a chore when surrounded by flowery bakeware like these!

Visit the yay retro! shop now to buy Taunton Vale products from the 1960s & 70s!
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