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Vintage 1950s & 60s Squeaky Toys

I've got lots of Combex vintage squeaky toys in the yay retro! shop for sale at the moment and with prices from just £3.75 it's a great time to invest in some quirky vintage toys to display in your home. Top of the selection has to be the terrier dog on bright red wheels.  This rubber looking dog is simply the cutest and would look amazing on your mantelpiece or a shelf. He's a really good size too.

This cute lamb is just the sort of thing I would have been given to play with in the 60s. Now she makes a sweet addition to any vintage collection. 

She contrasts very nicely with the Billy Goat Gruff who is a rather cheeky fellow. I'm thinking the pair of them together would look brilliant and of course they can arrive with combined postage for you.

I also have a bear, elephant, crazy dog and this fab duck for sale. Why not search 'squeaky' at yay retro! now?

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