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Buy Vintage Figgjo Flint at yay retro! Today

The yay retro! online vintage shop has heaps of marvellous vintage Norwegian 1960/70s Figgjo Flint table ware for sale. Here are few of the highlights for you.

Figgjo Flint Daisy

One of the most popular designs we've sold over the past 5 years is called "daisy".  Featuring a superb simple large daisy with a bright orange centre, we know a lot of people love to pair this up with Poole Pottery's teal blue glaze called Blue Moon as it goes together incredibly well. At the moment, I have 2 cereal bowls in this design available wit combined postage.

Figgjo Flint Tor Viking

Another superb pattern which I feel is grossly underrated is "tor viking".  This has large blue & green daisies with peapods interspersed. It has an extremely contemporary feel being as peapods are all the rage right now. I have tea and side plates, a gravy jug and an amazing large serving bowl which brings to mind the Arabia Finland enamel pots as it is roughly the same shape and size. This would be ideal for use as an ornament, fruit bowl or for storing eggs etc. Too good to miss it is definitely one to check out and snap up.

Figgjo Flint Clupea

Another contender for most popular Figgjo Flint patterns would be "clupea". This has rows of herring in blue and turquoise, edged with yellow onion or garlic shapes. Again a top seller due to it featuring the ever popular fish motif we have an ovenware dish in stock which can be used as a serving bowl or ornament anywhere in your home.

Figgjo Flint Astrid

This fabulous orange and blue pattern has beautiful flower patterns twinned with blue leaves and berries. We have a pointy lidded serving dish in stock which would be ideal in any home for storage or serving. Why this has not been snapped up I will never know!! 

Pop in to the yay retro! shop now to search Figgjo Flint using this link
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