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Bowen Williams 'With the Honey Bees' Pottery Picture

This week we had a very interesting find - a large 3D pottery picture by the artist Bowen Williams. Looking online I can see this person made several interesting pottery artworks all with a specific theme.  They all appear to be complete one off's. This one is called "With the Honey Bees" and it features lots of small pottery pieces coming together to form a whole. There is a cottage and golden sunshine, honeycombs, beehives, bees and garden scenery.

Absolutely stunning, this has been mounted on hessian making me think this was created in the 1970s.  It has been framed in gold and has a personal note and signature of the artist on the back, plus a signature on a ceramic piece on the front.  Click here to find out more and buy. This would look fabulous in any room in your home, as well as being a wonderful addition to a cafe or in the work room of a maker of honey!

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