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Lets do Vintage Picnics!

Very excited about our new stock of Gaydon 1960s vintage picnicware that we now have in our shop This includes orange, turquoise, pastel yellow, green and blue to choose from.

We even have an entire set of turquoise Gaydon which includes dinner plates, bowls, cups, saucers and tea plates!

We use our lime green Gaydon melamine tea set in our VW camper, it's not only stylish -  the cups are also just perfect to drink from. We also have pastel coloured bowls for our porridge!

Gaydon Melmex, melamine vintage picnic sets from yay retro!

Gaydon were renowned for their design style and the make is still highly sought after today, choose your vintage picnic set in the yay retro! shop now :O)

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