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August 17 Degustabox 'Back to School' Review by yay retro!

I signed up to 3 months of Degustabox a few weeks ago - this is where you get a surprise box of food products delivered to your door every month - yay! amazing! The idea is that you can try new foods at a lower price than you’d find them in the shops. If you want you can also review them on via the Degustabox website and earn points towards a free box. 

A bit about me....I'm Sue and I run yay retro!, which is an online vintage shop selling genuine Vintage and Flower Power items for your home. I love food and cooking, so Degustabox is good fun and makes me look at new products. I thought you may be interested to read these reviews and take a look at some gorgeous vintage wares at the same time - well why not?! (Note I have paid for this Degustabox myself.)

Below the box was full of products and getting ready for our Taste Test with the grandchildren!

August 17 'Back to School' Degustabox Review by yay retro! 

This month the box theme is ‘Back to School’. Inside the box there were several crisp products, lots of chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks. These are things I generally do not buy, so when my grand daughters Ella aged 6 & Penny aged 8 came over we all had a fun time doing a ‘professional’ taste test!  We even made a checklist to fill out and then got stuck in. Additionally there were some packs of Maggi noodles,  a bottle of mayonnaise, a new flavour (to me) of Tabasco and a bottle of Twisted Halo vodka drink. Here are the results of our taste test! 

Refreshers Softies (Barratts)

These have natural flavourings and colouring, though it’s worth noting they have beef gelatine in, so no good for dedicated vegetarians. Initially Penny said she didn’t like Refreshers and Ella said she’d never tried them and wasn’t keen. Penny said they were sour, fizzy and soft and they’d be good for when they watch a film on TV on Fridays and gave them 9/10. Ella gave them an 8/10 saying they’d be good for special times like Halloween, when they would definitely have them. They liked the pink ones best as the green ones were too sour, and they didn’t like the orange. Ella wondered if the coating was actually salt rather than sugar, and when she ate them they made her actually wobble with their fizziness! These were not for me at all, way too sweet and artificial tasting. I would not buy them.

Above Refreshers Softies and Cadbury Curlywurly Squirlies

Cadbury Curlywurly Squirlies

These are just like a traditional Curlywurly but made into small worm shapes and popped into a resealable sharing bag. We all liked these and the girls gave them 10/10 saying they were chocolatey, chewy and curly. We all found them quite hard to chew, but this didn’t put us off. The girls thought they would be good as a treat. They said they couldn’t imagine having them in their lunchbox, but if they did 2 would be enough. It’s an easy way to share a Curlywurly which would otherwise be impossible to share without all the coating falling off.

JellyPot JellySqueeze

Ella point blank refused to have any of this as she had a try at home the previous night and did not like it. She said the ‘packet was all wrong for jelly’. She gave it 0/10. Penny liked them and give 8/10. She liked orange the best and told me how amazing it was that the orange had no colour and that the blackcurrant one is slightly blue (no fake colourings - yay!). My husband and I had a try and really disliked them. Pete said: ‘it’s not what you’d expect. You think it’s going to be a liquid and then it’s lumpy so it’s like the lumps form in your mouth.’ Definitely a no-goer in our house!

The glass dish has some of the Jellysqueeze in it - the blackcurrant is pale blue!

Seabrook Crisps

These have really attractive packaging, I really liked the simple stripes.  These are described as the original crinkle cut crisp. We decided to try the Cheese & Onion flavour. Ella kept saying they were quite see-through and illustrated this by putting her finger behind it! They did seem nice and light so perhaps they are thinner than the average crisp? They certainly melt quickly in your mouth. Pete thought they had less taste than he’d expect, we all wondered if they have less salt than usual. Later this evening I tried the plain ones and I did feel they had less salt than usual which is good. I wouldn’t necessarily seek these out, but they are nice. My rating is 7/10, I think the girls were quite happy and would have given around a 10.  I've now tasted the salt and vinegar ones and they are my favourites, very tasty!

Light Bites Popped Chips (Superdrug) 

These crisp type snacks are actually made from soya chickpeas and are gluten free. They are quite a bit lower in calories compared to crisps coming in at around 95 cals per bag. High in protein and fibre, I think this makes them a quite good snack idea, and they are part of Superdrug’s 5:2 diet range.  My husband and I tried the Sweet & Smoky Chipotle ones and really liked them.  They are very hot and spicy and I can imagine we might buy them again. We tried the Pesto & Sundried Tomato with the girls, Penny liked them more than Ella. I liked them more than Pete who said they were ‘ok', but he doesn’t much like the flavour of pesto. I felt they were bland in comparison to the Chipotle ones which were quite exciting and we might buy them again.

Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise

I always buy Morrisons own brand Light Mayonnaise, I am looking forward to comparing the two, especially as I particularly love a tuna and mayo sandwich when I go out for lunch, maybe because they use Hellmann’s?! trying to compare calorie-wise is difficult as the Hellmann's is measured in gms and the Morrisons brand in mls. According to the Weightwatchers website 1 tablespoon of Real Hellmann's is 108 calories or 4 WW points. 1 tablespoon of Morrisons Light Mayonnaise is 41 calories and 1 WW point. So.....

Orangina and Orangina Light Limited Edition Bottles

I completely forgot to photograph these before we drank them! The light version looked like it was wearing a stripe T shirt and the normal one had a bikini and shorts. We tried them both at the same time to see if we could tell the difference. This girls liked the sugary one and we preferred the light version. Though after a few mouthfuls I decided the light version was a bit salty for my tastes and didn’t finish it. I don’t drink fizzy drinks and so wouldn’t buy again. One thing I did learn though is that it is made with parts of the real fruit so it’s different to other orange fizzy drinks in that way.

Bahlsen PiCK UP! Black ‘N’ White Biscuits

This is one of my favourite brands of biscuits I simply adore this kind of dry, crispy European style. These are a dark chocolate biscuit with a slice of hard white chocolate inside. They are individually wrapped and so I do think there is quite a bit of packaging, but I guess this is because they are made to pop in a lunch-box or take on a picnic. Penny said they were sweet and chocolatey and liked them a lot. She said the chocolate in the middle looked like cheese or a tile. I saw what she meant as it is the most perfect piece of chocolate just like a thin slate! Ella said they were yummy. I thought they were gorgeous, not too sweet and the chocolate was of a high quality.  We all gave them 10/10. Pete liked them, but because the exterior was dry he got annoyed with the zillions of crumbs - there was loads - they are impossible to eat cleanly! At 146 calories each I would have these as a treat, but only very occasionally. 

Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste Toffee Whole Nut

This slimline bar is divided up into separate chocolate chunks. It has a ultra sweet white layer with runny extremely sweet toffee and then crushed nuts inside this. Penny said it was ‘nutty’ and gave it 9/10, Ella said: ‘it was a lovely melted chocolate flavour with a little nutty bit’ and also gave it 9/10. Pete thought it was okay and enjoyed it, but the addition of the white layer and toffee made it too sweet, he gave it 7/10. I felt it was so sweet I couldn’t eat it (a first for me with chocolate!) I would give it 1/10. Pete and I both love Cadbury’s chocolate and would prefer the regular whole nut or Fruit & Nut bars.

Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce

I don’t normally use Tabasco but Pete loves it.  We will be trying a mexican meal soon and I will probably take a look at the Tabasco website for a vegetarian recipe to give it a go. We read up on this sauce and it is a milder version which can be used with gusto on salads etc. Pete tried it on some cucumber and gave it the thumbs up. I love the retro design on the box and bottle, looks great next to this vintage flower pan saucepan- yay!

Maggi Fusian Noodles

We will be trying the Fiery Sweet Chilli Noodles first with lots of vegetables, come back and find out what we thought soon! It's worth noting that the flavourings are in a separate sachet, so on the duck ones we will just be eating the noodles as we are vegetarian. We tried the Fiery Sweet Chilli noodles alongside a vegetable stir fry. They were really lovely and I can imagine having them as a quick snack treat too!

Twisted Halo - Coconut Water, Ginger & Vodka

This is a very interesting drink which is made up of coconut water & ginger with vodka and a hint of lime.  It has an ABV of 4% and 90 calories in the 275ml bottle. There are no artificial flavours and no added sugar which is great. You can drink from the bottle, or have it over ice. As you can see we initially tried it neat, though later we did add ice as it is quite a sweet tasting drink for us, and the ice made it last longer, stay cool and tropical feeling.  This has a fab coconutty aroma as you go to drink it, it's light with a syrupy feel, with lots of layers of flavour. I would imagine if you like ready mixed bottled drinks, then you would really enjoy this. An easy cocktail style drink for a treat, why not dress it up with a vintage glass and cocktail umbrella? Check out the glasses yay retro! have in stock here

Try Degustabox with yay retro! and get money off your first box!

Degustabox is great for people who love food and want to try different products and like receiving surprises in the post! You can join in the fun on the Degustabox website with no commitment, signing up for as many boxes as you wish, then you too will receive a marvellous surprise box of foodie treats!  

yay retro! Customers can use the code WBWEO to get £7 off your first box - you’ll pay just £5.99 instead of £12.99! 

Come back soon to read through next month's reviews, which again will be photographed with vintage wares from the 1960s and 70s! Why not pop in to the yay retro! online vintage shop now for a relaxing browse now? Right now yay retro! orders over £15 (exc. postage)* will receive a free gift - yay! *UK mainland orders only, excludes mosaic only purchases.

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