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Vintage Pineapples For Sale

Pineapples became a 'thing' in the 18th Century when growing them in Europe became possible with the invention of special pineapple growing houses. They were exceptionally expensive to produce however, and a fresh fruit could cost up to £8000 in today's money. Because of this wealthy people would often rent a fresh pineapple to put on their dinner tables to wow their guests! 

Eventually we began importing pineapples to the UK, and canning them, which meant that more and more people could eat them. During 1st and 2nd world wars however, imported foods became rare to non-existent, and the pineapple once again became a treasured fruit.

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This is probably the reason why it became a sought after ornament in the 1950s when rationing came to an end and foods were again being imported. Such was the excitement of this gorgeous tropical fruit being available in the shops again, it became a symbol of prosperity and 'the good times' in many people's homes.

Pineapples were designed as preserve pots, salt & pepper pots, vases, candlestick holders, ice buckets and even drinks containers for cocktails.

In the more affluent homes, the plastic pineapple ice bucket was a must-have item, it showed you were affluent enough to have a home freezer - something which was exceedingly rare at the time. For those fortunate enough to have a bar in their sideboards or even an actual bar area, entertaining at home became all the rage in the 60s with well stocked drinks cabinets and fancy drinking glasses denoting the fact that you had 'made it' to your neighbours. Glasses were often decorated with pineapples, lemons, oranges and cherries - all fruits included in cocktails.

For the more reserved home, the pineapple would still make an appearance, this time as a preserve jar, and companies such as Sylvac, Goebel and Villeroy & Boch all made Pineapple shaped tablewares.  With the current vintage revival, the pineapple motif has once again come to the fore and is one of the most popular items to buy in the yay retro! vintage shop. Why not search Pineapple in our shop now?

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