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Quick Fixes to make your Kitchen Look 1950/60s

If you live in a new home as I do, you may despair at how to make your kitchen look more vintage.  I adore the 1950s/60s look of plain cabinets with chrome D shaped handles, however my kitchen had extra long thin brushed chrome handles. With the screw holes being placed miles apart I assumed I would never be able to replace them with something more vintage looking. Happily an online search unearthed these chrome handles which although larger than the originals, at least have the right look (see pic on right below).  

Vintage kitchens as found in the Fifties House book by House & Garden (on left of this pic).

I have then added heaps of vintage table and cookware from my online vintage shop, yay retro! which has moved the room towards the look I dream of. Items such as Vintage storage jars to house all my kitchen utensils, Scandinavian oven dishes used as fruit bowls when not in the oven, and my prized Poole Pottery biscuit barrel all go to making the room look more vintage. I also use enamel flowery saucepans which make cooking more fun! One day I will paint the units a green or blue colour, and add a coloured formica worktop to make it look even more authentic.

On the other side of the room I have space for a free standing vintage kitchen unit, this one was originally made in 1957, and has been completely renovated by Resto-worx of Redruth, Cornwall. I keep all of my plates, vintage Pyrex and cookware inside this, and it has a fold down worktop which acts as a spare work surface... perfect in my very small kitchen. I commissioned Meadow-Made Vintage in Norfolk to make some simple shelves for the wall, and these are used to display yet more of my vintage collection. To complete the look I've added a genuine vintage vegetable rack which I use for recycling and a vintage 60s stool for when guests come.  If you would like to buy vintage kitchen wares for your home why not pop in to yay retro! online now by clicking here?

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