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Vintage Table Mats For Sale at yay retro! now

One of the things I love to have in the yay retro! shop is vintage table mats.  Being really handy items, they tend to be kept by their owners and so they can be very hard to find. I am always delighted when I source them with my favourites being 1960s & 70s melamine table mats, metal table mats with cork backs and Irish linen ones in funky designs.

The best pattern of all for me would be the vintage St Micheal brand made from Marks & Spencer's. I adore the flower power pattern on these melamine faced and cork backed mats, the pattern matched trays and chopping boards, and they came in blue and orange. When I get them onto the yay retro! website they always sell out quickly.

Right now I have these super mats with bright red flowers on them. They look to be early 80s with their red colour scheme, however they could date from the 60/70s. They would be a fantastic way to cheer your table and would look great on display when not being used.

Staying with the red theme, these metal fronted and cork backed place mats have a stunning pattern featuring yellow and hot pink daisies. An unusual slim rectangle shape they have the same look as Worcesterware mats. I have this set for just £20 in the shop right now which I think you'll agree is a wonderful price!

Irish linen mats are fantastic as they wash up so easily, this set from the 1950s have an atomic polka dot pattern and would be gorgeous with any kind of crockery.

The great thing about linen place mats is that they can also be used for sewing projects. They make wonderful bags, cushions and toys, take a look at one of my folk art birds which has been made from a linen place mat here. You could easily design some sewing projects of your own with any of the table mats I have in stock.  Why not choose a set which are in their pack and unused?  This purple psychedelic set is stunning and includes 4 napkins.

One of my favourite colours right now is sky blue, probably because it makes me think of the upcoming summer weather. Sky blue looks wonderful next to bright orange and so is a great foil to 1970s vintage kitchenalia. The daisy designs on this set, which again come with napkins would be super to cheer a vintage kitchen, caravan or camper.

Popping back to the metal table mats I have for sale, this super set has fish, bird and squirrel designs. These would look great as wall art, as well as being used on your table. Simply apply one of the new no more nails sticky 'hooks', such as the ones from Unibond and you're away. I use both trays and table mats as wall art in my kitchen and bedroom, thinking outside of the box with vintage tablewares is a great way to show off your collection.

Coasters are small versions of table mats used to protect surfaces from dripping drinks and damp vases. Again they make for wonderful decorative items. I've got coasters stuck around a mirror in my home and know they also look perfect displayed up on a shelf. These Worcester ware bird coasters are very unusual and a rare find for collectors. Having put this photo on Facebook, I know some of you can recall having these at home when growing up. This set looks unused making it a wonderful gift idea too.

Vintage table mats and place mats are quite hard to source, so they are always worth buying as soon as you find them. The set below sold instantly when I put it in the yay retro! online vintage shop recently. I think you can see why!! Pop in to yay retro! now and search 'table mat', to see what is available right now for you.

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