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Casserole Cooking Tips from 1937

Recently I bought a wonderful book called Aunt Kate's Day-By-Day Book which has 'A Thought, A Recipe and A Household Hint for Every Day of the Year' inside. This big chunky book is a lovely thing to dip into and I've bought another for my Mum's 80th birthday this month too.

Some of the hints are educational and some give cleaning tips. Here's the 1937 tip on 'Casserole Cooking':

"The advantages of a casserole are many, chief among them being the fact that less heat is required when cooking, as the utensil heats gradually and keep it's heat so well that it can be placed over a slow *fire* or in a moderate oven. Glass fireproof ware, however, is only guaranteed for oven use.  Where meals are irregular a casserole is particularly useful, as a dish can be kept for some time without deterioration when cooked in this kind of ware.

* just imagine having to cook over a fire!!!!  Thank goodness we don't have to prepare meals that way now.

yay retro! have some gorgeous vintage Pyrex casserole dishes for sale in our online vintage shop at the moment, decorated with huge daisies. These are perfect for making casseroles in the oven (though definitely not the fire.)

Pop in to yay retro! now to take a look at the Pyrex we have by clicking here.
Search 'casserole' such as the Rorstrand dish below by clicking here.

Above Rorstrand Eden Ovenware Dish

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