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yay retro! talk to Clover Robin about her Artwork

yay retro! love to feature the work of artists whose work we admire, and over the past year I have been following Clover Robin a Print Pattern Designer and Artist.  Clover's detailed collages can be bought as individual artworks, cards and prints; happily Clover agreed to a little interview for the yay retro! blog. I hope you enjoying reading and taking a look at Clover's glorious work....

Clover tells me that she was born in Bridport, Devon and lived there until she was 7, she recalls walking to the beach after school. Later her family moved to Exeter and lived close to the river, where she could see the rolling hills from her bedroom window. Every weekend was about beach walking or heading out to the moors....She says: "I always knew I loved being outdoors and wide open spaces but never so much as now that I am living in London. As a result my work has become really botanical, featuring landscapes reminiscent of my childhood". 

"London can be a tough cookie and a bit of a concrete jungle which makes the lovely natural spaces and parks particularly special. There is a huge amount of green space here and living next to Greenwich Park I'm constantly influenced by the stunning flower and rose gardens"

Clover studied surface pattern design at BA level in Leeds: "Surface pattern is awesome because it basically means applying any pattern to any surface. People usually choose to specialise in fashion or interiors, but I love to see the crossovers in both.  While I'm pursuing illustration more at the moment, I LOVE wallpaper and would definitely like to create something in this realm at some point". 

I asked Clover how she came up with her ideas: "There's inspiration everywhere, other than the all the outdoorsy stuff I mentioned earlier, I'm a sucker for a beautiful design shop. I love books and could sift for hours through the styling pages on Pinterest!"

Clover's working process really depends on what she's working on and where she is, though she says: "I'm never happier than when I'm out and about with my sketchbook and little bag of paper cuttings and scissors". 

Usually she says, she starts by researching the project, finding lots of inspiring imagery, looking at colours, shapes and textures. From this she starts creating and sourcing the papers for her artwork which can take minutes or hours depending on the different elements. Then she translates all the ideas and elements of the work on the page. This can have quite surprising results which is what makes each piece completely unique.

Once done, she scans everything in to the computer to clean it up, adjust scale and size, hues and contrasts to create the special look and feel of her work.

Music is a great way to stay focussed one her work and she loves to sing along to old 90s indie music. Someone recently suggested Baroque music for focus and optimum proactivity - although she was sceptical, she found it really works! 

She goes on to say: "I have a small but ever growing collection of vintage-y vases and jugs so all of the vintage jugs yay retro! have for sale appeal to me...There's also a particularly delightful red enamel teapot I could probably find a home for too!"

You can find out more and buy Clover Robin's beautiful work here.

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