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Buy Vintage 1960s - 80s Fisher Price Toys from yay retro!

Recently we've had a lot of customers ask us to start selling vintage toys. So we've been out hunting for vintage Galt Toys, Spears Games and also Fisher Price. Like you we prefer the older Fisher Price toys from the 1960 & 70s, these were often made with a wooden body and then paper decals. Sometimes these also have plastic additions. People love these toys as they can recall playing with them, themselves.

A key example would be the Fisher Price Little Snoopy Dog who has to be the cutest pull along dog available! He carries a little wooden shoe and has bright orange wheels designed to make him wobble along. Another popular 1960s pull along is the turtle who has big orange feet and a red top hat. Many people like to buy these as ornaments as well as to pop in the toy box for their children or grandchildren.

Other early 60s designs include the Fisher Price fire engine from 1963, this has an extendable ladder and a wooden driver. In 1969 the red minibus was launched, this is brilliant for camper van lovers, and we can imagine it on display in any van drivers home, or maybe in their van itself! What a great gift for a VW owner this would make. Fill it with Fisher Price mini people and you are away! In the 70s further vehicles were added to the Fisher Price range such as the Mini copter in 1972. We adore this one as it has a little girl and a dog looking out of the windows making it extra cute on display.

One of the most sought after Fisher Price toys is the Bluebird musical box. People love to hang this on their walls. It is hard to find these in the UK, they normally turn up in the USA, perhaps suggesting this was the main place they were sold?

Fisher Price made garages, farms, zoos, houses, trains and schools and all of these were populated by the Fisher Price little people. These figures come in all designs, with some being more sought after than others. Grandma is a special one as are the clowns, the people who do particular jobs and the village people styled figures. People collect these as they are a great size to pop on display in a vintage collection, for instance in a printers tray.

yay retro! have lots of Fisher Price little people in cars and with furniture sets such as a teacher with her school desk, the postman with his post van and mail box and a mum and her baby with nursery furniture and pushchair. We have even had the must-have Fisher Price sewing machine - this of course sold immediately!  However we have another on it's way so do keep a look out in the yay retro! shop. Search vintage Fisher Price at yay retro! now by using this link.

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