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Buy Vintage for your 70s styled Home at yay retro! Today

Many more people are now shopping for genuine 1970s wares for their homes.  Having tried the contemporary copies, people find there's no getting away from the lure and attraction of the 'real vintage deal'. The quality is often better and the price most often lower! This is why yay retro! has so many repeat customers to our online vintage shop.

Below, we've put together a little selection of the 1970s homeware wonders available right now at yay retro!, so that you can see the range of homewares you can source from us this month. From Vintage orange and yellow Tupperware to brightly coloured Pyrex covered in Daisies, we are sure you will find something for your home.

If you have a coffee machine, why not invest in a vintage 70s set of espresso cups and saucers? The Midwinter design set we have are absolutely superb and the perfect size (we've tested them with our Nespresso machine). We no longer stock a huge range of vintage cups and saucers, but what we do have is on at super appealing prices and/or are the rarer designs.

Vintage utensils are very popular and we always try to have good stocks of vintage Addis, Skyline, Nutbrown and Rosti Mepal for you. As with all vintage wares we can only sell items as and when we find them, so it's always worth popping back regularly to check on our stock levels and scoop up the items you are looking for.

Teak is making a huge come back with this years warm and natural look being all the rage in contemporary homes, just as it was in the 70s. We have gorgeous vintage teak and tile boards as well as a lovely cake or cheese dome with a teak base available at the moment.

If you are looking for vintage Scandi designer classics, keep an eye out for Laurids Lonborg items at yay retro! designed by Lena and Al Eklund. We also have an Esteri Tomula FINEL Arabia Finland pan, and a Kaj Franck Daisy design 'Kehra' enamel teapot kettle available. Plus a Kaarina Aho Fish chopping board / wall plaque. Use the search box in the shop to find the items you are looking for. Click here to visit the yay retro! shop now.
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