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We love 70s floral tea sets!

The 70s saw the design world go mad with colour and bold patterns! From Curtains to clothing and wallpapers to china, big patterns were in! When we were little we can remember we had white curtains with huge turquoise and green flowers on them, and our friends had bright red wallpaper with massive orange 30cm wide flowers on it! 

There may have been 3 day weeks, power cuts and strikes in the 'real 70s world', but in the world of design it was a time for colour and fun! Here is a just a small selection of the great designs we have in the yay retro! china shop to buy right now...

70s bold patterned china from Myott, Meakin, Staffordshire Potteries and Barratts at yay retro!

Looking at style magazines and TV,  you can see the fun loving 70s style is back in fashion... what better way to add a piece of sunshine into your home?

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