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Washington Pottery Aquarius Fish Plates For Sale

Over the years we have lots count of the number of enquiries about Washington Potteries Aquarius Fish Plates we have had. From time to time (like now) we are very pleased to be able to find and stock them in the yay retro! online vintage shop.

These dinner plates from the 1960/70s are oval in shape and feature 6 different coloured fishes making them a wonderful set to display as well as to eat your dinner from. At the moment we have 2 yellow fish, 2 blue, a purple and a green Aquarius fish plate for sale.

With companies such as Beefeater displaying Washington Pottery plates in their restaurants, (in Paignton they have the Bull series in their restaurant), we can imagine these on a wall in a discerning hotel, restaurant or bar. Of course many people choose to pop them on their dining room or kitchen wall at home, and they are a much loved 40th, 50th & 60th birthday gift.

These plates are in stunning condition and look practically unused. This is rare indeed, why not pop into yay retro! now to scoop them up?

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