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Vintage Wall Art Tiles for sale at yay retro!

Many vintage 1950, 60 & 70s ceramicists and potters made wall art tiles to be used as wall art. Perhaps these were the ideal holiday souvenir to pack in a suitcase or the ideal way to show off skills and techniques. Whatever, as lovers of vintage china and pottery we absolutely adore these stunning, collectable artworks.

Marcello Fantoni Lion Tile

This mid century Italian Marcello Fantoni pottery wall hanging, is a 3D textural tile. It features a lion design which can also be seen on 3 dimensional pots and vases made by the collected artist. Fantoni's work is highly sought after by collectors worldwide and this is a very rare piece to find. We have found similar designs sold elsewhere which have sold for £100 - £300, making this beauty a very affordable find for your collection.

Fantoni was inspired by both Modern & Primitive Art and each piece he created is a unique one off. This wonderful lion plaque is 20cm square and approx 1.5cm thick, it is signed by the artist on the reverse and has an integral wire hanging. Buy him now.

Vintage Stavanger Flint Mother Art Tile

This is a beautiful vintage Scandinavian 1960/70s handmade wall plaque made by Stavangerflint Norway. It features a loving Mum and her baby surrounded red and yellow flowers. This was designed by Nils Siversten. It can be hung on the wall using the little pre-made holes. Ideal to hang in any room in your home. We love the flower power design and we're sure you will too! Buy it now.

Birds Wall Plaque - Gabriel Sweden

Gabriel Sweden made lots of different wall art plaques with integral pottery frames. These make for sensational instant wall art, which look great in any room. These are very heavy, hand paine ceramic pieces, this one features a family of birds sitting in a blossom tree with yellow butterflies. This comes in stunning condition and is ready to hang on your wall. At just £19.50, it's a fantastic gift or treat for yourself! Buy it now.

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