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Beetleware Cruet Sets for Sale in all colours - yay retro!

yay retro! are pleased to say that recently we have been hunting down Beetleware cruets to sell in our online vintage shop. These salt, pepper and mustard pots were made in the 1950s. They can appear in a stand like this amazing bright yellow set....

...or in a wicker basket arrangement like this one which is green and cream.

Beetleware is an early form of plastic - a kind of prototype. The material was often used to manufacture plugs and sockets in the early days. The good thing about it is that unlike Bakelite, it is light-fast and does not discolour with age. This means it stays lovely and bright for us to use and collect today.

Beetleware was designed in the 1920s and introduced into Britain in 1925. It caught on once Harrods promoted it during 1926. This pre-plastic invention was exciting for designers as it could be made into all different kinds of shapes, and since it was colourless in it's primary state, could easily be made into pale pastels. This is presumably why the 1930s saw so many lovely pale green, pink, blue and cream 'plastic' homeware items.

Beetleware is loved my many vintage collectors who use it in their kitchens, vintage caravans and camper vans. These cruet sets are certainly one of our very favourite things to find, and you can see why with their minimal shapes, fantastic colours and quirky little trays! Pop in to yay retro! now and see the Beetleware products we have for sale here.

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