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Gorgeous Norwegian Book Prints Prove Popular with yay retro! customers

This week yay retro! customers have been delighted by the framed Scandi prints by Reidar Johan Berle (Norway 1917-1997), which come from a Norwegian travel book printed in the 1960s and which continued to be reprinted in the 1970s.

The stunning pictures which come in turquoise, pink, greens and black feature Norwegian towns, fishing villages and sea birds.

It took us a while to find out who the artist was who created these wonderful illustrations. Apparently throughout his life Berle illustrated many books, including books for children. According to Wikipedia "he received several awards for his book art, including the Church and Education Ministry's picture book award several times in the 1970s".

The appeal of his works I think is that they are very minimal and evoke the 1930s and early 40s era. They are simple yet speak volumes. it is amazing how much is conveyed with a very minimal palette. People who appreicate print making such as lino-cuts and lithographs would surely love them.

In 1957 Berle was the first recipient of the "Bokkunstprisen" prize, which was given for The year's most beautiful books. 

You might like to know that the artist also worked on large-scale public projects, such as a stone mosaic for the Evanger power plant in Bergen. Click here to find these, and check current stock levels in the yay retro! shop.
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