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Houndstooth Check plates - a fashion icon?

Houndstooth or Dogtooth check is a tesselated pattern most often found on textile and clothing. The pattern is made up of  irregular diamond shapes set at an angle. The pattern thought to have originated in woven fabrics from Scotland, found favour in the 1960s when fashion designers such as Dior used the dogtooth checks across a wide range of clothing from tailored suits to little black dresses. 

It's quite unexpected to see the pattern used here on this wonderful set of vintage dogtooth check tea plates marked  ep England 7-65 & 11-65, which we believe to date from the 1960s. These are in fabulous condition, and come in a range of stylish colours from black & white, through to yellow, forest green, plum, pale grey and baby blue & white.

Want to make a fashion statement in your home? Buy these fabulous tea plates from yay retro! today :O)

Houndstooth or Dogtooth check Vintage tea plates from yay retro! online china shop

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