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2016 the year of the vintage Sausage Dog?

2016 seems to have been the year of the Sausage Dog with these cute little pooches appearing on everything in the shops and even starring in videos such as TIEKS - Sunshine (pictured above).  yay retro! have been kept busy tracking down lots of vintage sausage dogs for you to buy in our online vintage shop. Mostly these were made in the 1950 & 60s when it seems everyone was loving them too!

Right now we have a lovely selection of ornamental vintage Dachshund for you, including an extra long 38cm 1950s number, a dinky large eyed doggie and a quirky salt and pepper set.

Here are some of the others we have had in the shop in the past 18 months which have all sold rapidly...they include wooden cocktail stick holders, a sausage dog ashtray from Toni Raymond, a bright orange one from Trentham Pottery, a matte black chalkware dog and an unusual brown version of 1950s dogs.  This week we have some miniature silver ones coming in to stock so keep an eye!

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