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Box of Frogs Vintage China Mosaic Artworks for sale

yay retro! is the online shop to go to if you are looking to buy Box of Frogs mosaic artworks! Made from pieces of vintage china plates, cups and bowls these mosaic panel designs feature birds, fish and flowers. 

These are a fantastic way to decorate your modern vintage home as well as to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, naming days and more! Many people collect several mosaics and display them in groups and pairs. This works particularly well with the fish and birds who can be arranged in flocks and shoals, or simply to face one another.


Why not choose different designs for the various rooms in your home? They suit lounges, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, dining rooms and studies! Any nook, corner or shelf which you would like featured or brightened can be enhanced by a vintage china mosaic! 


Join the many yay retro! customers who collect these stunning artworks and give as gifts to their friends and family....Plus, if you buy more than one mosaic at a time, you will receive a refund on the postage not required in your parcel. How lovely! Pop in to yay retro! now and search 'mosaic', to find all the different designs we have available now and remember each and every one is completely unique and a one-off hand created design!

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