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Recipe for Quick Pineapple, Pecan and Maple Syrup Crumble

I love making up recipes which are healthy and fast to cook and prepare! Here's one I made which works brilliantly well....Serves 4

Recipe for Quick Pineapple, Pecan and Maple Syrup Crumble

1. Microwave this in a lidded dish until cooked and soft set to one side.
1 pineapple cut into small chunks
sugar or half spoon sugar to taste

2. Put all the ingredients below in a microwaveable bowl, blast on high, stopping every minute or so to stir. It's done when it looks relatively crispy
2 slices of bread grated or put through a blender to breadcrumbs ***
handful of Pecan nuts broken into small pieces
Couple of handfuls of oats
3 teaspoons of clover light or any other butter/spread
a big splurge of maple syrup - 1 to 2 tbspns.

3. Chuck the topping over the fruit and if you would like it warm microwave (with lid off) just before serving.
Serve with custard, cream, 0% yogurt or spray cream!

Perfect for Vintage Lidded Pyrex Dishes and Mixing Bowls!
***(this can be the ends of a loaf of bread and they can be stale! Why not prepare a load of breadcrumbs from loaf crust ends and freeze them for future crumbles? Never waste any bread again!)
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