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Vintage Bird Ornaments

yay retro!'s online vintage shop is full of beautiful gifts and ornaments. We have stocked up on vintage birds as we know how much everyone loves them!  From a gorgeous orange china Arthur Wood bird dish to several W.Goebel bird ornaments we have styles to suit everyone.

How about our vintage china mosaic birds made for us by Box of Frogs mosaics of Lincolnshire? We have them in all sorts of colours and they are cleverly made using pieces of china plates and dishes from the 1940s onwards.

Another of the birdy items people love to collect are those made of Russian porcelain. We adore the little blue one we have available at the moment (see above). A recent addition to the shop are a range of vintage linen birds made from Flower Power fabrics from the 1960s and 70s. these good sized soft ornaments are ideal to perch on a shelf or snuggle into a corner.  Search 'bird' at yay retro! now.

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