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Lotus Pottery & The Skipworths in Devon

yay retro! currently have a gorgeous Lotus Pottery bull for sale in our online vintage shop. The wonderful curvy lines and simplicity of this mid century ornament makes it an absolute must-have piece for any vintage collector!

Lotus Pottery was made in the small village of Stoke Gabriel in Devon situated on the river Dart by 
Michael and Elizabeth Skipworth. The couple made pottery there for around 25 years. Although they made pottery in a range of colours their signature was a dark green glaze with a white daisy motif which is known as 'petal on sage'. 

This deep green was one of the interior design colours of the 70s when all things 'natural' were in vogue. People were interested in the romantic idea of growing their own vegetables, living as naturally as possible and being close to the earth at the time - similar to the current resurgence in these ideas. Lotus ware was often purchased by holiday makers, and it was sold in the more top end gift shops.

Whilst the pottery sold useful items such as vases and salt & pepper pots (such as the set we have in the shop right now), the most stand out design was the Lotus Bull designed by Elizabeth which came in a variety of sizes. With more people beginning to travel overseas to places such as Spain, the bull was a symbolic motif suggesting foreign climes. Additionally in the 70s there was an interest in zodiac signs (Linda Goodman's Sun Signs was a key tome), so that perhaps Taurean people were attracted to the bull design.

Although other potteries were making bull ornaments (such as Trentham), the Lotus Pottery version to my mind is far superior - smooth, glossy and with attractive simple lines it is a piece which is sure to become a long-lasting favourite in any discerning vintage collectors home.

above a rare Lotus Pottery Owl in the shop now

Other animals appeared in the range including a cat, owl, horses head and bird. We recently had the cat in the shop and it sold very quickly.

This had the daisy motif on it's back and impressed patterning to the sides. Why not take a closer look at the Lotus Pottery bull we have for sale in the yay retro! shop here now?
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