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VIntage Wyncraft 1950s - 70s for sale

yay retro! have some fantastic Wyncraft items from from the 1950s to the 1970s for sale in our online vintage shop at the moment. These are highly sought after by collectors, particularly those which have Alan Wallwork tiles included in them.

These can come with little Crown Devon pots of glass dishes. Often the boards have been barely used if at all. Perhaps given as wedding presents, they've often been stored safely away for years, which is fantastic for today's vintage devotee!

Use these wonderful boards to serve cheese, sushi or to prepare olives, lemon and slices in your retro bar. These are ideal as gifts too.

Wyncraft also made little holders for glasses and we have several sets of these available. Perfect for tequila or vodka shots and a great Christmas present! 

One of the most collected Wyncraft designs is those pieces which include the black and white stripe pottery pieces such as the cruet below. From the 1950s, these are the height of mid-century chic! Click on any of the photos to search Wyncraft now in the yay retro! shop.

If you would like to read more about Wyncraft take a look at our Retropedia page here.
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