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Vintage Trays & Chopping Boards as Art?

If you love vintage melamine trays and chopping boards then why not use them in your home in every room? Don't stop at using in them in the kitchen, with 1960s & 70s designs as amazing as these you can use them as artworks around your home to brighten walls, shelves, nooks and crannies!

Vintage Trays often have a little lip on them which means if you pop two little brass nails into the wall you can rest the tray on these and hang it as an artwork.  Use a bit of Blutack top and bottom to ensure it stays safe.

We think this lovely purple and orange tray would look amazing in a bedroom or bathroom. The shapes of these trays make them look like framed pictures....

Or another way to show off a fantastic vintage tray is to stand it on a sideboard or shelf and arrange ornaments in front of it. Again, a bit of Blutack will ensure it doesn't move around.

1960/70s Chopping Boards are also fantastic to use as decorations...this is one of my absolute favourite patterns from Taunton Vale for sale in the yay retro! online shop at the moment...

I also have this design in my kitchen, I never use it, I have it displayed on my shelf as it is way too precious to use. If you wanted to hang a board on the wall why not invest in a 'invisible plate disc'. These are special hooks which adhere to the board and are easily removable when you're done.

As you can see I also have a Taunton Vale trivet in the blue colour way as a 'picture' on the top shelf. Chopping boards come in all shapes and sizes, as well as chopping and serving you can admire them on your sideboard or dressing table!

This delightful pink chopping board will be up for sale in the yay retro! online shop tomorrow, it is in excellent condition and is ready to enhance any room in which you care to put it!

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