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IKEA Hack - Flisat Dolls House or Vintage Shelf?

Recently I popped into IKEA and fell in love with the Flisat Dolls House as a gift for my granddaughter. The wonderful thing about this is that you can use it on the floor, on a tabletop or even screw it to the wall using the holes provided. For children this means they can stand up and play with it, which makes it all the more accessible and probably means it will get played with more often.

Once put together I could see this would make an absolutely superb vintage shelf unit, which would be ideal for any room in your modern vintage home! The minimal Scandi styling and gorgeous quality soft woods make this the perfect way to show off your vintage ornament collection.

I would use it just as it is, though you could easily paint it a colour to match your decor. Plus, because of it's good size (58 cm, Depth: 22 cm, Height: 59 cm), I think you could even use this to store dishes, plates, cups and saucers in your kitchen? Though watch the weight here as it wasn't designed for this purpose - Perhaps keep it on the work top if going this route?

As you'll see I was able to put in my Figgjo Flint casserole dish with room to spare, and there is room enough up top to stand a tray or a decorative plate to display it. I've popped in a Taunton Vale teapot stand and there is gallons of space for something larger, and plenty of depth to have several layers of items.

This wonderful dolls house is easy to put together and is just £23 at IKEA. If you want to use it as a dolls house you can buy the furniture to go inside, it's called Huset pictured below.

This has to be one of the simplest IKEA Hacks ever! Simply put the house together as per the instructions and use it as a display shelf! Perfect. Now all I need to do is convince my husband this is what I could have for Christmas!

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