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Vintage Bedding, Tablecloths, Tea Towels & Cushions for sale

Whenever I share a photo of yay retro!'s vintage fabric stock on Facebook or Instagram people love it, so here's today pic showing the vintage textiles I have available to buy at yay retro! at the moment. The yay retro! online shop is the best place to buy vintage sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases, tablecloths, tea towels and cushions as I choose my vintage fabrics with care and only offer the very best. Just recently, with the turn of the weather I have also begun selling vintage bed covers, bedspreads and throws too!

As you might be able to spot, I have a superb range of vintage M&S or St Michael bedding for sale at the moment in pink, purple and yellow.  I also have several Belinda Lyon tea towel designs which were created for Oxfam in the 1960/70s and are now very sought after.

Many people buy vintage Flower Power or Finnish tablecloths and fabric panels from me, either for use in their home or for sewing projects. 

Another popular choice are the vintage fabric cushions I sell. I always have different styles available, so it's worth popping in from time to time to see what is available. I always think you can never have too many cushions! My favourites are vintage flowery designs and those that are made from Scandi inspired 1960/70s fabrics. like the ones below.  Why not take a look at yay retro!'s Vintage Textiles section in my online shop now? Combined postage is available for you.

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