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Vintage 1960/70s Mice available at yay retro!

If you are looking for the collectable mice made in 1960s Japan then yay retro! have a whole 'mischief' of them (that's the collective name for mice dontcha' know?!).  Many of these were created to be toothpick or cocktail stick holders, whilst others are purely ornamental.

These cheeky chappies peek out from mouse holes in nuts, cakes, cheese, top hats, pianos, books, sweetcorn, lettuces, apples and pears - even old boots!

Because of the compact size and happy colours, many people collect these and we've heard that the green ones are the most desirable from an avid collector.  We think the cheese ones are fab along with the ones featuring cake! When I was about 8, I can recall buying a mouse in a piano from our local hardware shop with my pocket money.

Over the years yay retro! have had many of the designs come through the shop, right now we have a large number of all different ones available and we can combine postage for you. These make super-duper vintage gifts which can easily be matched to the recipients likes and hobbies. We are sure gardeners, book readers piano players, cheese lovers etc could all be matched up to one of these cuties! Take a look at our vintage mouse collection for sale now.

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