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Vintage Marks and Spencers Sheets for sale

yay retro! are always busy out looking for vintage bedding whether it's sheets, duvet covers or pillowcases - we are on the hunt for great quality pieces you can use every day. We sell them in our Vintage Textiles section here.

One of the most popular makers of vintage bedding is unsurprisingly Marks & Spencers. Their branding back in the 1960/70s was St Michael and they produced a superb range of flowery sheets and pillowcases which were designed to be used with blankets. We do try to get these in as often as possible, and today we had the most superb sheet in our online vintage shop which sold in minutes.

As you can see it was in it's original bag which was unopened.  The wonderful thing about this was that inside the bag was the original marketing photo for the bedding, which showed how beds were made back before duvets became a 'thing' in the UK. As you can see they've paired the flowery sheets with plain ones and then laid a waffle blanket over the top.

Happily we do have an excellent vintage version of the pattern in yellow for sale in the shop right now. Why not take a browse through our Vintage Textiles section now to see if it is still available? We have other vintage M&S items for sale regularly too such as delightful aprons, trays, bed covers and more! Keep coming back to take a peek at yay retro! to stay up to date with what we find on our travels.

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