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Vintage Vegetable Rack - So Useful!

The classic vintage plastic vegetable racks were made by Addis back in the 1960s/70s. They were made in a variety of colours from yellow, orange and turquoise to browns and creams. They are so incredibly useful!  Here are 10 extra fantastic uses for these marvellous 1960/70s inventions!
  1. Tidy your craft room 
  2. Store important papers
  3. File away your yarns and fabrics
  4. Clear up toys
  5. Hold a zillion Lego bricks
  6. Use for recycling - paper in one, plastics and tins in the others
  7. Store shampoo and more in your bathroom
  8. Use as a planter in the garden or greenhouse
  9. Sort your shoes
  10. Look after your fruit and vegetables!

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