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Top 5 Vintage wares at yay retro! this week

Here are the top 5 vintage items being looked at in the yay retro! vintage shop this week and what great choices they are!  

In at the number one spot is a delightful vintage sheet from the 1960s and 70s covered in huge yellow flowers. Many people love to use vintage bedding as it can be mixed together with other vintage flowery patterns or even with contemporary bedding to make for a bright cheery bedroom. Vintage bedding comes in Single or Double sizes (King and Superking beds were not really thought of back then). However if like me you have a larger bed you can always opt for vintage pillow cases to make a statement at bed time.  I love to use vintage flowery pillow cases on my Super King, even the smallest touches of vintage bedding can go a long, long way! Many crafters use vintage sheets and pillow cases for sewing projects; I several customers who make dresses from vintage sheets and lots of others use the material for making bags, purses, toys and much more! Take a look at the vintage bedding and fabrics I have for sale here.

At number two is a vintage china mosaic artwork made for us by Fiona of Box of Frogs Mosaics in Lincolnshire. This lovely fox panel is wholly created from pieces of vintage plates, cups and dishes!  We have many collectors of Fiona's work at yay retro!, and you can check out all of the different mosaics we have for sale by clicking here, which include birds, fishes and more!

At number three is a fabulous high quality fabric tablecloth from Finland.  You could easily use this as a wall hanging, as a curtain, a tablecloth or for any number of sewing projects. Again, find this and other fabrics in our Fun & Fabrics section here.

At number Four is a fantastic TG Green Cornishware Flour Shaker.  If you adore traditional blue striped wares, then this is for you. It comes with the original green shield on the base. You can find this and other sugar or flour shakers using this link.

Finally at number 5 we have a stunning round vintage metal tray covered in Fuchsias. This is either Baretware or Worcesterware, and is a lovely way to brighten your kitchen or camper van. Indeed Homes & Antiques magazine even suggested using this wonderful tray for garden parties in last months issue! yay retro! have lots of stunning vintage trays available from the likes of Taunton Vale and Vintage M&S too. You can find them all by searching 'tray' here.

Love to shop vintage? Nip in to yay retro! now - combined postage available wherever possible via a manual refund once the items are packed.

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