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yay retro! meet up with Handpicked Vintage

Recently whilst out and about in the world of retro-ness we met Katy from Handpicked Vintage based in Dorset, who carefully hand picks the best quality, affordable vintage men's and women's clothing and accessories from the 1930′s to the1980′s.

Katy tells us that she absolutely adores vintage clothes; the uniqueness of every outfit, the quirky prints that the high street just don't seem to be able to offer as well as the quality. She also loves to imagine who the previous owner was, and what kind of occasion they wore the clothes to?

Of course, the best bit of wearing vintage is that you know you're not going to bump into someone wearing the same outfit as you! Katy wears at least one vintage item every day - whether it's a dress, shoes or a handbag. But if feeling particularly vintage she will go the whole hog and wear vintage head to toe!

Katy's tells us her most favoured era has to be the 1940's, 'The cut of the clothes is stunning, the tailoring and embellishment is beautiful and so feminine.'

handpicked vintage and yay retro! perfect for 60s and 70s styling!

Looking around the Handpicked Vintage website,  yay retro! were drawn to the outfits from the 60s & 70s such as the ones above...An abstract shift dress,  Polka Dot Jacket and Orange Mary Quant Shirt Dress all of which seem to tie in very nicely with our range of 1960s & 70s tea sets - what do you think? :O)

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