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Top 3 items being viewed in our vintage shop online - yay retro!

This week the top 3 items being viewed in our online vintage shop are in order....

ONE: The wonderful bright yellow 1960/70s Pop Art coffee set from Johnson Bros which is simply superb to display as well as use. The ten reasons you may wish to splurge on this fantastic vintage set is:

1. If you are into coffee big time
2. If you adore bright yellow vintage
3. If you love 1960s Pop Art styling
4. If you think Polka Dots are simply fab!
5. If you have a minimal grey room and need a ping of delicious yellow
6. If you have want a sunny kitchen
7. If you would like to use the coffee pot as an amazing ornament in your home
8. If you are looking for the ultimate vintage wedding, birthday or anniversary gift
9. If you would feel cheery drinking from a bright yellow cup
10. All of the above!

TWO: The Orla Kiely Glass Storage Jars, these were launched for a short time in summer 2015 by Douwe Egberts coffee. So they are retro rather than vintage. Reasons you may want to splash out:

1. You collect Orla Kiely designs
2. You're missing some or all of the jars in your set
3. You want to grow your set of Orla Kiely Jars
4. You love bright orange and green vintage
5. You've got to sort that larder!!

THREE: The bright red vintage fabric panel from Finland, reasons you may want to buy this:

1. You want to have a vintage tablecloth
2. You fancy making a Roman Blind using vintage fabric
3. You could make a zillion things from it - cushions, bags and more
4. You want to use it as a cloth when selling your vintage wares
5. You love Scandi style fabric

Why not pop in to the yay retro! vintage shop now and choose your favourite items r buy one or more of these? Combined postage is available.
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