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Buy Vintage Jugs for Every Room in your Home!

Vintage jugs are the most marvellous thing to have on shelves, windowsills, nooks and crannies in every room in your home. We love them as they have so many varied shapes, spouts and handles and of course come in lots of different colours and patterns.

Group them by colour and use them as ornaments or flowers in your lounge and bedroom, for storing kitchen utensils or pens, knitting needles, brushes and pencils in your art & craft room. They are also ideal for makeup brushes in your bathroom.

yay retro! love vintage 1960/70s jugs by makers such as Poole Pottery, Midwinter, Elizabethan, Figgjo Flint and Woods, why not pop in to take a look at what we have today? We can combine postage for you.

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