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4 reasons to love Vintage Pottery Cats

Vintage ornamental cats became popular in the 1950s and 60s and are still one of the top vintage buys today. You can find them in a variety of poses and styles, from tall sleek felines made to stand sentinel on a shelf to playful kittens poised to pounce at you for a furry snuggle.

Here at yay retro! we can't resist kitsch vintage china cats and always try to have a good range to choose from. Here are 4 reasons to love & buy them:

1. A tall, sleek vintage cat ornament on it's own can decorate the most minimal of homes. Choose one whose face 'speaks' to you and place at one end of a shelf for a little dose of happiness each time you look at it

2. Vintage cat ornaments make the perfect kitsch gift to a feline loving friend.  

3. In Ancient Rome the cat was sacred to the goddess Diana, and thought of as the guardian of homes and a symbol of domestic goodness. A collection of vintage cat ornaments is the perfect way to celebrate this.

4. Some vintage cat designs are highly sought after, and as such are worth investing in for the future. Look out for cats from the 1960/70s Lotus Pottery in Devon, Bitossi Cats from Italy and Marion Campbell's Cats for Hornsea.

You can find cats and more at yay retro! by clicking here. Use the search box to help you find just what you are looking for.
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