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yay retro! & Resto-worx in Reclaim Magazine

yay retro! are absolutely delighted to have our kitchenware featured in Reclaim magazine's article on the fabulous vintage kitchen larder units Resto-worx in Cornwall renovate and sell. As you'll read in issue 4 of the magazine:

"I originally bought my two vintage kitchen cabinets from Resto-worx to store all of the 1940-70s china, home and cookware I sell in the yay retro! online vintage shop. Their capacity is amazing - they are just like a Tardis! On delivery I was blown away by the fantastic quality of the cabinets and their sympathetic restoration by Russ and Nikki. They obviously love what they do and take extreme care over it.

We have recently moved home and down-sized, and I now use one of them in my kitchen, where it is invaluable as storage and extra worktop space and the other for keeping towels and linen in the spare room. (One of my friends uses her Resto-worx cabinet as both a larder for storing food, and as a room divider to zone her small flat.)

What this illustrates is the sheer flexibility of these fantastic kitchen units. They are much larger inside than imagined and can hold an infinite amount of china, pots and pans. Without it in my teeny kitchen I would be completely stuck, it is the central focal point and also where I keep everything I need on a regular basis. The fold down enamel work top is a very handy surface to work and serve on, especially when cooking for lots of people. Plus of course it looks amazing - everyone who sees mine comments on how completely amazing they are.

Whatever the size of your home, be it a flat, small or large house do find room for a Resto-worx vintage kitchen cabinet (or two). In the future I would like to replace my modern kitchen with a complete restored vintage kitchen, of course this will be with the help of Russ and Nikki at Resto-worx!"

Why not pop into now? yay retro! is an online vintage shop specialising in selling genuine vintage wares from the 1940s to 1970s - perfect for every day use in your vintage kitchen & home, and of course your vintage kitchen units!

Resto-worx based in Cornwall lovingly renovate kitchen units from the 1940, 50s and 60s and Russ and Nikki were the guys who I bought my own vintage kitchen units (illustrated above) from. You can find Resto-worx on Facebook here. You can see lots of great pics and find out more in the magazine which is available from all the main outlets and also on the Reclaim website here.

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