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Boom! The 1970s have landed at yay retro!

Love the 70s look and all it stands for? Then yay retro! online vintage shop will be the place for you! 

The 1970s self sufficient, home making and baking revolution resulted in kitchen and homewares that referenced the natural world and it's materials, traditional crafts and growing your own. People wanted wood, earthy pottery, cottons and linens in their kitchens and homes.

With programmes like the Good Life promoting an alternative lifestyle in suburbia and the best selling Self Sufficiency book by John Seymour. It was all about growing, foraging, making and baking, rather than relying on the ultra processed foods which were rapidly appearing on supermarket shelves. In 2016, we are seeing this trend reappearing with many people growing their own at home and on their allotment, eco homes springing up along with solar & wind power becoming more and more commonplace. This is almost certainly why we have seen a resurgence in interest in genuine 1970s kitchenwares.

At yay retro! we have wonderful 70s kitchenware items for sale from the likes of John Clappison of Hornsea, who created stunning pottery storage and spice jars in a range of earth tones. Teak and tile tableware from Wyncraft and Luthje of Denmark were also exceedingly popular, with artists such as Alan Wallwork being commissioned for their tile designs.

Linen table mats and tablecloths were sought after for their large bright natural patterns featuring flowers and birds, whilst cookware often included recipes in their designs to encourage us to cook at home easily - seen on the flan dish above.  Pop in to yay retro! now to stock up on genuine 1970s vintage home and tableware.

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