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Oh yay! Oh yay! Buy your Vintage Apples Here!

Sorry just couldn't resist the 'oh yay!, oh yay!' bit....As the title to this blog post suggests yay retro! have lots of 1960s & 70s apple-y homewares to choose from at the moment....

If you love the Scandi look and need a tiled 70s cheese board or an enamel Scandi styled saucepan, look no further than yay retro!'s online vintage shop.

We also have vintage fabric cushions and panels with 60s apple designs, plus 60/70s glass apple dishes...and if you look closely a couple of vintage pears  (a glass paperweight ornament and lovely brass pear dish ornament) have sneaked in!  Combined postage available, search 'apple' at yay retro! today.

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