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Let's look at Studio Pottery

Studio Pottery is created by professional artists or crafts people working out of their homes or in small artistic communities.  Items tend to be one offs or unique in some way as they are made individually rather than as a mass production run. Each piece is often made from scratch by one individual and as such is considered a piece of art or craft.

Right now the trend is moving towards the earthy tones of the 1970s, and so this gorgeous cheese dome from Aviemore Pottery in Scotland fits well with this aesthetic. This type of kitchenware suits both a cottage style home as well as a minimal look which highlights the natural or raw materials of the build.

Often pieces like the wonderful bird vase above are signed by the artist or maker and have a personal feel to them. We love the romance of this quirky vase which would look amazing in any bird lovers home, also check out the fun fish pot below, which retains the personality of it's maker.

Studio Pottery can have a very detailed, perfected finish such s the delicious red berry vase below. We think this is ideal for both flowers and utensils making it multi functional depending on your mood! You can search Studio pottery in the yay retro! online shop by clicking here.

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