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Buy Vintage Tins and Trays at yay retro! today

yay retro! have a great selection of vintage 1960/70s tins, metal trays and collectable Worcesterware available in our online vintage shop. Choose from an Ian Logan design tin, to a flowery one from Cadburys or how about a 1953 biscuit tin featuring the Queen? 

If you are looking for 1960/70s metal (tin) trays then we have some superb designs available along with matching coasters. Lots of people now collect these trays and hang them as art works on the wall and who can blame them?

yay retro! have a fab range of vintage metalware available to buy including a Shape flowery bin, a very rare Worcesterware Sea Dreams fish table mat and also a cute red Woodmet cocktail tray. Search 'metal' in the yay retro! shop now.

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