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Get a 60s Styled Kitchen by shopping at yay retro!

If like me you adore the kitchen in the illustration from the 1960s, then there are several things you could do to make your dream a reality: 

1. Shop in the yay retro! vintage shop

First up would be to pop into the yay retro! online vintage shop and choose some items to begin or continue your vintage and retro 1950/60s/70s kitchen collection. We have genuine vintage tableware, cookware and kitchenalia which can be used in your home every day. Choose from a real 1960s bread bin to vintage scales or Skyline kitchen utensils. We also have vintage enamel saucepans, casserole dishes and cups and saucers from the likes of Empire, Staffordshire Potteries and Thomas Rosenthal. By using genuine vintage wares every day your kitchen is well on the way to a proper vintage look and feel.

2. Re-style your existing vintage kitchen to look retro

You'll notice that in the picture the kitchen wall units are different to the base units. This is a look which is coming back into fashion today with the new love of mid century vintage quickly taking hold. A simple way to achieve this look is to paint your base unit doors a different colour to your wall units. Pastel colours work well, such as pink, mint green, yellow and baby blue or why not go mad with oranges and hot pinks? You can either do this yourself or bring in a professional furniture painter, even your local painter and decorator might be happy to undertake this for you and it is more cost effective than putting in a new kitchen.

3. Change your kitchen unit handles and doors

By trawling the internet you should be able to find 1960s shaped kitchen handles to replace the modern ones you have currently. These could be chrome D shaped ones or perhaps you could mix and match plastic handles of all shapes and sizes. With the current interest in all things vintage and retro you might find your local DIY supermarket has an approximation of a vintage 60s handle. Don't forget there are lots of companies out there who specialise in supplying new kitchen doors for your units, choose a different design top and bottom to emulate the 60s kitchen shown above.

4. Go Stainless Steel with your Kitchen Sink

In the 60s and 70s stainless steel was all the rage with people wanting a shiny new 'clean' look. If you have a chrome sink this is a 'good' look for your retro kitchen so don't rush to change it! Serving dishes and tableware also became popular made from wood and stainless steel stainless steel, with cheese & nibbles dishes etc appearing using this fab 'up to the minute' material! 

5. Make Curtains from Vintage Fabric

By making a simple pair of curtains from vintage fabric you can easily add vintage pzazz to your room. You can use any kind of retro material if the window is not large and you don't necessarily need to close them. Lots of people use vintage sheets and duvet covers to fashion curtains, or for a small window you could even use a vintage tablecloth or frame it with vintage tea towels made to look like a blind. You can find vintage bedding, tablecloths and tea towels from the 1960s and 70s by browsing in the yay retro! shop here.

It is really easy to create a vintage look in your home without making any structural changes. By adding vintage cook and tableware you soon create a 1960/70s vibe. Why not start today by shopping at yay retro!, we offer combined postage wherever possible, with most yay retro! customers buying several items at once for better value.

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