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Vintage Enamel Pots & Pans to Buy

yay retro! just love brightly coloured vintage enamelware from the 1960s and 70s, and we know that you do too! One of the most popular searches on the website is for 1970s coffee pots - amazing eh?  Many enamel coffee pots were made in Poland and sold in shops like Habitat. We were given some in 1978 as an engagement gift which were brown, however most vintage collectors love them in red, orange and yellow nowadays.

Above is a snapshot from the yay retro! online shop this week, showing the delicious range of vintage enamel pots and pans we have for sale at the moment. These include gorgeous red flowery pans made by Austria email, as well as a collectable enamel casserole made by Finel Arabia, Finland, this is decorated with bright green cabbage and cauliflower designs. 

Many vintage lovers like to cook with flowery enamel saucepans and we have a compete set at the bargain price of £50. These have orange flowers on them and stack when not in use. We think these would look fab on display in your kitchen!

It's interesting to note that we have a lot of buyers who use our vintage wares as props in films, video, theatre productions and plays, a complete set of vintage saucepans would be ideal for them! Also we have cafe and restaurant owners who display vintage wares on shelves around their business. However, the main buyers are of course keen vintage cooks who use their pots and pans every day, just as they were intended.

Why not pop in to the yay retro! shop now and look at the enamelware available?

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