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Vintage Barware and Glasses - yay retro!

Recently we found a copy of the Ideal Home magazine from 1956. One of the ads inside showed a couple in their mid century lounge with it's funky up to the minute built in wall unit, which had a drop down bar. At the time this would have been thought of as stylish, opulent and very exciting! After 14 years of rationing and deprivation, Britain was slowly getting back on it's feet again in 1956, so having a bar at home would have been the height of luxury and something to aspire to. 

A bar in your lounge, which could have been housed in a wall unit as shown, a sideboard or even a specially built freestanding unit, meant that people also needed glasses and bar paraphernalia. yay retro! sell vintage glasses which would have been stored away in bar units for use when people came around for dinner, or special occasions. Drinks would have included sherry, port and lemon, gin and tonic, martini's or a shot of brandy or whisky. The vintage glasses available often tend to be very decorative and brightly patterned, reflecting the influence of the Festival of Britain show in the early 50s, and the modern Atomic designs which were exhibited there.

Glasses were often stored in wire racks to keep them tidy, and  manufacturer such as Wyncraft made a whole host of teak and wire glasses holders which are now collected by vintage lovers today. Take a look at the photo which shows lots of vintage glassware available to buy at yay retro! 

A drink might have been offered to people on special visits. When cooking and hosting dinner parties took off in the 1960s, pre-dinner drinks or a tipple after a meal would have been offered.  It's worth remembering that alcohol was not as readily available back then and people did not generally drink much (if at all) at home. You needed to buy alcohol from an off licence or a pub, rather than a supermarket. Another interesting note was that women did not go to a pub unless with a man, and when they did it was expected they would sit in the lounge area, not in the bar. This all underlines the luxury of having a drinks cabinet in the home! Shop for vintage glassware now.

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