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Jie Gantofta Storage Jars for Sale at yay retro!

For the first time I have found a set of Jie Gantofta storage jars for the yay retro! shop. Made in Sweden in the 1960s these pots are of the highest quality pottery and show no chips, cracks or crazing. They are hand painted with different designs all around reflecting the foods to be stored inside. So on the coffee jar we see a Coffee pot and cakes, a group of ladies taking coffee in a forest and a large windmill (presumably for grinding the coffee?!) On the Tea jar are some Chinese gentlemen, along with mountains and cherry blossom trees. Then on the sugar jar we find ice cream cones, lollipops and children outside a cafe drinking milkshake.

Accredited to Anita Nyland, these Scandinavian designs are absolutely delightful and very sought after by collectors around the world. Why not take a look at the three jars we have for sale now?

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