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1960s Poole Pottery Stunning Design

As a devoted lover of vintage Poole Pottery tableware, I think the brand is vastly underrated and in some quarters unheard of which is completely amazing when you take a look at the cutting edge designs they produced from the 1930s to 1970s. Last evening we had a whole host of salads for tea, and I unearthed a lidded vegetable dish from Poole's Contour range designed in the 1960s to serve my potato salad. I have hardly used this dish, but from here on in I will definitely do so, as using it again properly made me appreciate it's Zen-like simplicity.

Just look at it's minimalist lines, curvaceous shape and slender curved handles! This dish is super elegant, and it's design is incredibly contemporary, it is hard to believe that this was designed over 50 years ago. The one thing that tells you it is not new is it's quality - it just isn't possible to buy something of this calibre in the shops today!  

Vintage Poole Pottery is light, thin and has a gorgeous matte finish, no brash glossiness or clunkiness. This was made back in the day when time was taken to create a stunning piece of tableware to really stand the test of time. The Contour range created in the 60s complements the Streamline designs which were created in the 1930s/40s by Poole. It really is worth taking a stroll through the Poole Pottery yay retro! have for sale and have sold over the years to see how beautiful this tableware actually is. 

If you would like to find out more about vintage Poole Pottery why not have a read of my Retropedia here?
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