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1940s Woods Beryl, Jasmine & Iris for sale

yay retro! always try to keep a stock of the very collectable Woods utility ware for sale in our online vintage china shop. Made under war time restrictions in the 1940s and 50s, this tableware has seen a huge resurgence in popularity in recent years. Many people will remember their grandparents having this in their homes, and anyone who comes across and uses it, quickly realise how resilient and adaptable it is for use in every modern home.

This pottery came in 3 colours. Green is the most popular, and is called Beryl ware. It is what I think of as a pastel '1930s' green, and it was used up and down the UK right though to the early 80s, meaning it is in collective British consciousness. The yellow is called Jasmine and is the second most favourite colour-way. Such a pretty primrose yellow, this fits beautifully with any number of the more contemporary tableware patterns and designs. Finally Iris is a deep cornflower blue colour, this is not often found indicating that it may not have been so sought after when it was produced, or it was hard to get hold of the glaze colour during the war. 

The photo shows out current stock of Woods ware at the moment (Mar 16), click here to take a closer look. it includes a Large Beryl teapot, Beryl egg cups, Beryl jugs, Beryl cups and saucers in normal and extra large breakfast cup sizes, lipped dessert dishes and a large fruit serving bowl.  With Jasmine we have a set of six bowls for sale and with the Iris 6 cups and saucers.  

If you would be interested in seeing photos of some of the rarer Woods ware items we have sold why not visit the yay retro! Retropedia here? This page also lets you know our current stock levels.

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