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Vintage Coffee Pots for Coffee Fiends!

If you adore coffee you'll love the selection of vintage coffee pots yay retro! have in their online vintage shop. These include 1970s enamel pots and 1960s flower power china pots, we even have an Emsa plastic coffee pot from the 60/70s (and yes it works!) 

One of the most looked for items in our shop is 70s Enamel Coffee Pots, people adore them as they were absolutely all the rage in the mid 70s when having friends over for dinner was 'the thing'. No dinner party was complete without Prawn Cocktail, Steak, Black Forest Gateau, a bottle of Blue Nun and to top it all off Coffee and After Eight Mints!

Nowadays with with such an array of freshly ground coffee being available in the supermarkets, coffee pots are back in vogue. People also love to use them as ornaments as they are often tall and sleek and so become a design statement in their kitchen, dining room or lounge. We've sold coffee pots for stage shows and theatre groups too, with one coffee pot being in a ballet at The Sydney Opera House! The enamel pots are ideal as film and stage props as they are virtually unbreakable - a feature many props buyers are looking for. Obviously being so robust makes them ideal for camper vans, caravans & glamping as well.  

Click here to see which coffee pots yay retro! have for sale now, these include Grindley, Midwinter, Pyrosil and enamel coffee pots. 

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